Here are some example toys and games, with source code.

Click on the image or title of an example to run it.

Perlenspiel works best on desk/laptop Firefox and Chrome.

Some Android devices will work, others not.

Safari should work fine on Mac desk/laptops, but Mobile Safari (on iPhones and iPads) can’t play .wav files, or more than one sound at a time, because Steve Jobs said so.

IE? Don’t get me started.

Perlenspiel Splash Screen (Moriarty)

[Splash Screen]

Plays the opening theme of J.S. Bach’s Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of Fugue, 1751). Touch the beads to hear the notes again. Source code.

Simple Rain Toy (Moriarty)

[Simple Rain Toy]

Click on the sky to make raindrops fall. Source code.

Simple Paint (Moriarty)

[Simple Paint]

Select colors, click and/or drag to paint. Click X to clear the canvas. Source code.

Fireworks Extravaganza (Lindstrom)


Click on the night sky to launch fireworks. Source code.

Whither (Melville & Petersen)


Mournful minimalism, with a custom score. Source code.

Paint Wars (Heitman & Zawada)

[Paint Wars]

Two players race to paint the most houses in a minute. Includes a tutorial movie. Source code.

Adventure Time (Chen & Meng)

[Adventure Time]

A microadventure with characters and puzzles. Source code.

Functional Colors (Poirier & Sullivan)

[Functional Colors]

Jump, stomp and spider-pig your way home. Includes integrated tutorial. Source code.

Just Cogs (Gray & Thomas)

[Just Cogs]

Rotate colorful cogs to capture matching beads. Source code.

Stumblin’ Down the Road (Lindstrom & Tomson)


Multi-level path-tracing game with moving obstacles, disappearing walls and switches. Includes an interactive tutorial. Source code.

Quadacity (Gray & Thomas)


Conform four increasingly complex patterns with a limited budget of moves. Source code.

Conway's Game of Life (Geig)


An implementation of John Conway's classic cellular automaton. Source code.